Five Scumbag Buckeye Players Suspended for 5 Games in 2011 Season

I really thought that Terrelle Pryor would go all four years at Ohio State without any scandals.  Sure he’s a hot headed under performer who b*tches on the side lines like T.O., but I thought he was at least smart enough to get through his time at OSU without incident.  Now that he and 4 other OSU football players have been outed for receiving “improper benefits”, I now realize that I was being naive.

One of the most disappointing facts about this debacle is that these bozos were selling their memorabilia from winning Big Ten Championships, Gold Pants, and BCS Bowl game awards.  As a Buckeye fan you should take this act as a blatant piss in the face, because obviously these players don’t take pride in their school, teammates, coaches, and most importantly, the fans.  What a punch to the gut!  Total PMD action.

The worst part is that these players are trying to spin the reason they did what they did because of the bad economy.  I can’t believe they seriously think that the majority of people would actually buy that crap.  They sold memorabilia to make money, plain and simple.  No one is that innocent when it comes to money.  Greed got the best of these sh*theads, and now they’ll pay for it dearly.  How dare they insult our intelligence as human beings!

All 5 of these guys have seriously put their futures in jeopardy.  If they do bail on OSU for the draft, I can promise you that none of them will go before the 5th round.  This mainly applies to Pryor, who probably lost the most in this deal.  It is mind boggling to think that these guys broke the rules knowing that most of them will be making millions in the league one day.  They’ve waited 20 years to make their cheddar, and they couldn’t wait one more?

What’s even more disturbing is the local media claiming that these guys didn’t know what they were doing was wrong.  Really?  Is it that hard to figure out?  Kids get busted year in and year out for doing illegal activities in college sports.  Why would these 5 retards think they’re above the law?  I’ll give them a smidgeon of credit, because maybe they thought these posessions were theirs to sell, but deep down we all should realize that these guys knew what they were doing was wrong, but the allure of cash was too strong for their weak minds.

I feel nothing but disappointment with these players.  They’ve let me down as an Alumni, but more importantly, they let down their fellow players.  5 guys have more or less selfishly sabotaged the 2011 season for the rest of the Ohio State Football Team.  Bollocks to ’em!  I think we all suspected it, but Pryor finally showed his true colors.  He’s just another selfish athlete who in the end only cares about himself.  Follow the Via link if you want the details.  I’m too disgusted to even list the offenses.  You’ve been having a really bad day if you’re a Buckeye fan…

The Dummies

  1. Terrelle Pryor – “I paid for my tattoos. GoBucks” – FU you did!
  2. Mike Adams
  3. Devier Posey
  4. Daniel Herron
  5. Solomon Thomas
  6. Jordan Whiting (Semi-dummy, only one game suspension)

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