Five Video Game Soundtracks That Will Rock Your Day


Sound design is one of the most integral parts of creating an unforgettable video game. When executed correctly, a game’s soundtrack can stick with players for weeks upon weeks after they have put the game down. Video games have always had tons of variety across dozens of genres, so it is only natural that the soundtracks of numerous games feature eclectic mixes of music that fit their respective games perfectly.

The games below all feature memorable musical experiences. Eschewing orchestral stylings and Gregorian chanting, these five games instead feature unabashedly awesome, head nodding, hip shaking music that simply rocks your face off. Take a listen.

5) Dynasty Warriors 4:

The long running Dynasty Warriors franchise has captured the hearts of gamers across generations. Few games manage to make the Romance of the Three Kingdoms so engaging, and there  is nothing more satisfying than wrecking hundreds of enemy soldiers to the face-melting guitar work found on the game’s soundtrack.

Lu Bu’s theme, embedded above, is one of the perfect examples of just how amazing the juxtaposition of heavy rock and liberal retellings of Chinese history go together. The absolutely fearsome warrior is the bane of just about every player who ever booted the game up and his musical theme matches Lu Bu perfectly. The scorchingly heavy guitar captures the larger than life itself warrior and instills listeners with a sense of terrifying, yet awesome, respect.

4) SSX (2012):

Snowboarders are an absolutely nutty bunch. Willingly throwing yourself off of huge cliffs and racing against avalanches are pretty solid indicators of either mental instability or an absolute lust for life. 2012’s SSX attempted to grab ‘the life in the avalanche lane’ mentality that snowboarders are known for and run with it. The resulting soundtrack is as every bit as pulsing and insane as one would expect.

Featuring tons of music across just about every popular genre, SSX had enough variety for anyone to feel like they were having their very own snowboard house party.  SSX’s soundtrack is best experienced with the volume cranked to 11 and a strobe light or three.

3) Bit.Trip Runner:

Playing Bit.Trip Runner is an absolute must. The game’s appeal is hard to explain and best left to hands on time to truly understand. The retro, arcade-inspired elements of Bit.Trip Runner are more endearing than anything else in the video game world, but where the game really shines out is its amazing, entrancing soundtrack.

Bit.Trip Runner is in many ways a love letter to an 8-bit era long gone, so it is only natural that the game’s soundtrack would take heavy inspiration from that time period. With an eye to the past and an ear to modern musical genius, the soundtrack of Bit.Trip Runner is guaranteed to make even the most depressed of people tap their feet and smile. Equal parts retro sounds, synth, and a dose of dance beats no matter your musical taste, Bit.Trip Runner’s soundtrack will stay with you for hours.

2) Hotline Miami:

Dennation Game’s neo-eighties, manically fast and violent Hotline Miami is one of the most frantic and addictive games in recent years. The game’s emphasis on speed and brutality made it an instant hit thanks to Hotline Miami’s multiple methods of completion, and unapologetic difficulty. Hotline Miami’s plot is absolutely mind melting, so it is only fitting that the game’s soundtrack would do the same.

Ask anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time with Hotline Miami and they are sure to tell you how the game’s soundtrack has the ability to put listeners into a trance. Featuring tons of tracks by amazing underground electronic acts, Hotline Miami’s soundtrack feels like a drug that you cannot get enough of. The pulsing bass beats and synth-twinged songs perfectly builds upon the eighties atmosphere that the game creates.

1) Jet Set Radio:

Jet Set Radio is arguably the coolest game ever created. Absolutely nothing in the world could be more amazing than magnetic rollerblades, graffiti-based gang wars, and the best soundtrack in video game history. From the game’s very outset, Jet Set Radio draws players into its strange, strange world thanks largely in part to the unforgettable soundtrack.

Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack is perfect blend of electronic dance beats, hip-hop, and funk. With a soundtrack totaling in at thirty tracks, there is almost too much music in Jet Set Radio to properly write about. The varied, but expertely selected tracks fit all blend together perfectly, and perfectly encapsulate the setting and world that Jet Set Radio creates so well. Do yourself a favor and listen to this soundtrack right now.


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