Flamingo Trailer Shows Off Some Unique Mexican Standoffs

Have you ever wanted to take part in a Mexican standoff? The answer is probably no, down to it being somewhat fatal, and so the lovely people at Radiostatic have decided to digitize the deadly battles with nods to numerous outside sources for inspiration. Mexican standoffs themselves are heart rattling moments which only ever result in one winner, and these exciting moments are the kind Radiostatic wish to recreate in Flamingo!.

Flamingo! has players taking charge of several animal-banditos in the standoff of their lives. Strategic placement will be key, and every shot really will count. Once the furry killers have been placed the chaos will ensue and one winner shall come out on top. Other players are not the only problem though, as gaining cash will also be a goal, and so shooting banks is also a large part of the game. The game also contains a singleplayer practice mode to hone your skills as well as a puzzle mode for when you start to feel a bit more Clint Eastwood-like than before.

Flamingo! definitely seems like a complicated game, yet it seems to have some really interesting ideas which will hopefully propel it to success. If you want to see more on the game then take a look at a detailed match between Flamingo!‘s two developers down below. Also, be sure to check out the Steam Greenlight page for Flamingo! and help to get it onto the ever popular Steam platform.



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