I came across a video from Pocketnow that demos web-speeds on the new Android 2.2 OS beta using the Flash 10.1 beta app.  They compare the speeds to the iPhone 3GS and another Droid model, and honestly if you consider that the Nexus One is loading Flash, I’m quite impressed how fast it loads pages compared to the other phones.  Grant it the iPhone loads pages faster, but you have to remember that it isn’t loading Flash components, so of course it loads quicker!

Yes the Nexus One with Flash beta runs a little slower, but we’re talking about a beta and additional data to load.  I think it looks great considering it is loading Flash.  Grant it, Apple may be right that Flash bogs things down, but the Flash 10.1 beta running on the Android 2.2 OS is pretty neat looking in its infancy.

Remember it’s just an app.  You don’t have to use it, but I like that there’s an option to unlike the iPhone.  Check it out for yourself below.  It’s a lengthy vid, but if you’re a tech-geek you’ll be intrigued.  You’ve been Flash enabled, oh, not you iPhone…


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Via [Gizmodo]


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