Flow: An Intuitive And Precise Wireless Controller

Earlier today, a revolutionary new design for mouse-like use was made available for funding on IndieGoGo. Simply called “Flow”, the device provides users with a better way to get things done on their personal devices. Check out the video below for more information from co-founder and CEO Tobias Eichenwald:

The Flow is certainly an intriguing update to the traditional computer mouse, offering one touch access to the programs of the user’s choosing, more precision for those using CAD, photo, or video editing, and even non-touch responses to do something as simple as skipping to the next song on the playlist. The Flow is able to connect to any device that uses BlueTooth technology, so laptops, tablets, and phones can all be used.

You can check out all the info on IndiGoGo here and even contribute if you wish to get your hands on a Flow. Spots are quickly filling, and at the time of publication they had already received almost $13,000 of the $50,000 goal with 40 days remaining.

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