FoodCyclist Duo Drops by on Their 24K Mile Bike Trip Around the World

For those of you that are fans of Howard Stern you may have heard about the FoodCyclist and his plans to bike around the World with his wife to help raise money for Farm-Aid, as well as awareness about sustainable living.  The King of All Media has hammered John “Sussy” Suscovich over the air about his “irresponsible” trip around the World mainly because Howard hates his own life and doesn’t want to see people having fun, but also because John used to work for him and left his post to complete his 2-year trek across the globe with his wife Kate.  Personally, I applaud what the FoodCyclist Team is doing, and I even had the chance to host them at EB HQ on their way across America.

Their ultimate goal is to raise 24,000 buck-a-roos for the 24,000 body crushing miles that they plan to bike over the next 2 years. Their journey began in NYC and one day they’ll make their way around the World just like the ancient explorers who dared to sail west so many years ago.  Along the way they’re stopping at various farms, micro breweries, and random people’s homes to give them a place to stay, but also to get some hands-on learning in regards to a sustainable lifestyle.  Luckily I had been working with Sussy on his website before the journey began, so on their way through Ohio they stopped off at our headquarters to take it easy and recharge for the next leg of their journey.

Before this week I had only known John as someone through email, which all spawned out of another friend (who works at SiriusXM) recommending my WordPress consultation services to John so he could have an easier time updating the site while literally living out of a bike.  Not a motorcycle, not a scooter, a f*cking bike with pedals!  Talk about dedication to a dream and a cause.  

So finally this week I got to meet the man in person, as well as his lovely wife who has taken up the journey with him.  Without a doubt it was a great experience, and I can truly say that I feel like a new set of good friends have been made.  John and Kate (no not those a*sholes from TLC) are very down to Earth, and the passion they have for their trip is contagious.  I truly am amazed at what they have given up to go on this 2 year journey around the World, and unlike Stern I wholeheartedly support the mission.  I just think it’s awesome to know that in this day and age where most humans are looking for ways to make life easier there’s still people out there that are taking the long road both literally and figuratively to find success in life.

I have no doubt that the duo will indeed be well off one day.  They’re genuine to people, and they care about the Earth.  Plus, they are braver than Braveheart himself.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but the thought of riding bikes around the globe and hoping to find strangers to stay with at each stop is a little overwhelming to me!  If you’re interested in their journey please bookmark their site here, and follow John on his Twitter @FoodCyclist .  The site gets updated twice a week with a post about their travels.  

If you’re into sustainable living, or living through other people for that matter, I highly suggest following them throughout their travels.  If you see two people knocking at your door in green spandex make sure to let them in.  They won’t bite, and they may even buy you some Name Tag Lager!  You’ve been thinking about how nuts it would be to drop everything and bike across this wonderful planet…


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