Last year, Ubisoft unveiled one of its coolest, most original looking games in recent years. A game so massively different from what it has done before that it shocked and amazed audiences with the short footage they were treated to.

Fast forward to the present day and we are given a whole new look at For Honor: Ubisoft’s game featuring a strange mix of Viking, Samurai and Knights as they battle it out for reasons unknown.

After the first opening cutscene, we are granted access to some campaign gameplay for For Honor, which features some brutal kills in truly gorgeous environments. The game appears to be a step in a whole new direction for Ubisoft, and one which is most definitely welcomed.

The gameplay we are shown features some horrifically violent footage whilst giving us a glimpse into what For Honor is about. Close quarters combat seems to be the games biggest draw outside of its story, and so we can expect tight controls and serious skills to be required.



Last year we were shown the multiplayer, and so it is great to finally get a look at some singleplayer footage. If you happened to be interested in For Honor, then simply by heading to this link you can register for potential alpha access.

For Honor is scheduled to be released on February 14th, 2017 but be sure to stick to Entertainment Buddha for all you need to know concerning the exciting new title.


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