Ubisoft has a new IP on its hands in the form of For Honor, a large-scale military combat game.

In For Honor players will be able to take to the battlefield as a knight, samurai, or viking, and wage melee combat against enemies. The game’s reveal trailer shows some serious swordplay and memorable fights, as the perspective changes between different soldiers. The haze of battle in For Honor is an ever-changing one, it seems.

To sweeten the deal, For Honor’s multiplayer content was also revealed, as two players (and their respective armies) battled it out.

Watching the multiplayer video shows that For Honor falls somewhere between a Dynasty Warrior game and similar titles like Chivalry.

The standout moment of the For Honor reveal came in the intense one-on-one battles, where players duked it out using movement based controls to defeat their foes. Combat seems fluid and engaging, making us eager to grab a sword and try it out.


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