For Some Reason This PC Master Race Anthem is Catchy

The mashed YouTube channel with the help of well known video game rapper, Dan Bull, have created a ridiculous, but undeniably catchy anthem for the PC Master Race of gamers. We all know they’re out there, and probably have a few gaming friends amongst the PCMR, so make sure to send this post over to your Master Race buddy to inflate their gadget ego even more.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to PC fanboys out there, and while I agree their hardware will always make console hardware look old and outdated, there’s still something to say about the ease of use when it comes to a gaming console. I’ve gotten into PC gaming over the past year and have a machine that the Master Race would probably mock at this point, but for the most part it can run all modern games, but damn is it a pain sometimes to install the game, update the game, toggle video and audio settings, and then figure out if a controller can be mapped to a game’s controls, because let’s face it, keyboard and mouse inputs suck for 90% of the available game genres out there.

Head on up above for some Wub-Wub PC Master Race Anthem!


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