Force Unleashed 2 Endor Bonus Mission Trailer – Princess Leia Gotta Lightsaber!

I’d rather be a human receptacle for dirty needles at a HIV clinic, than play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 again.  This doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about it though.  I can’t help my inner Star Wars geek from wanting to soak up any news related to the franchise.  That’s why I’m bringing you the trailer for the Endor Bonus Mission, which is the first round of DLC for SWTFU2.

The Endor mission will be available for download on 12/14, and I’m guessing since it’s from Lucas’s empire, it’ll cost the dreaded 1200 MS points, or in real money $15.  Honestly,  if it is $15 and you pay for it, you will have officially been converted to the Lucas-side.  Which means, like me, you’ll never stop giving him money no matter how ridiculous the product is.  Like Anakin, you’ll have crossed over, and the only hope for your redemption will be your offspring.  Mainly because they may need some of that cash, so they have some plastic to sh*t in that isn’t your old The Empire Strikes Back bed sheets.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  The Endor mission uses the whole what-if scenario when it comes to explaining why Starkiller is in ROTJ.  You know, what if he never went good and other preposterous canon smashing crap like that.  I will admit that it does sound awesome to hear little Ewoks screaming in pain as Vader’s apprentice smashes their fury little cherub bodies like a dog chewing up your neighbors cat.

I was also surprised to see Princess Leia getting all Jedi with her Brother’s lightsaber and dueling Starkiller.  In this Universe Luke is probably a Rebel flunky who has a death sticks (Yeah I’m a super SW geek) problem.  Like I said, this stuff pays no attention to the canon of the movie franchise, so anything is possible.  In the next DLC expect to see the Na’vi teaming up with the forces on Endor to fight off the Imperials for polluting their forest with AT-ST fumes.  Check out the trailer below.  You’ll probably get more out of watching it than actually buying the DLC.  You’ve been wondering why there has been an increase in limbless Ewoks and Chicks with lightsabers…

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