Ford Recounts the Alien Invasion in First Ender’s Game Clip

Ender's game flashback battle

A new Ender’s Game clip has been released, and it features Harrison Ford as Col. Hyrum Graff recounting the tale of the first alien attack that started the war between humans and the invaders.

The footage features a bevy of special effects shots, and they look expertly rendered. The action seems clean and intense, and there’s a sense of realism to the world. The design of the alien fleet and its ships is inspiring, so if this film can get out from under the scrutiny of its creators political beliefs, there’s a good chance it may do well with sci-fi fans and casual movie goers alike.

Make sure to check out the first official Ender’s Game clip down below, and if you like what you see pencil in a save the date message on your calendar for November 1, 2013, which is when it hits theaters.

First Ender’s Game Clip

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