The folks at Screen Junkies brings us another rendition of their “Honest Trailers” series, this time taking on the classic Forrest Gump. Sit back and reminisce on the 20-year old film that followed the life of the naive Greenbow resident as he gets his magic shoes and falls in love with the oft-troubled Jenny.

It is interesting to think about how many times Forrest made national headlines: He was a return specialist for Alabama (where he got to meet the president), then as a war hero (where he got to meet the president, again), a competitive ping-pong player, a successful shrimp boat captain (that’s my boat!), and then when he literally ran around the country. In the meantime, people seemed to not care enough after the fact that none of the people on that bench had any idea who he was. It’s frustrating.

Check out the clip above for some funny moments (like the Yakety Sax-like song of the running scenes in fast forward), and relive the moment when Lt. Dan makes good on his promise to become an Astronaut.

For more Honest Trailers, check out the YouTube channel for Screen Junkies here.


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