Alright, I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m getting fairly sick of hearing the words “battle” and “royale” next to each other. However, I can’t say that Fortnite hasn’t come a long way from it’s original incarnation, Epic Games has poured a lot into the free part of their base-building shooter. It’s not really that easy to hate it anymore, it’s legitimately a good game, even if it’s not really your cup of tea.

And even if a good portion of the community are insufferable children that would sell their parents for a wallet full of V-Bucks.

Smash Games is here to set the record straight about the game up through the fifth (and current) season. I, myself, was unaware of some of the changes that were made to the game, and it almost makes me consider wanting to play it! If not for the fact that, in my old age (24 years, just take me out back already, right?), I’m not very good at shooters anymore. Check out what they have to say above, though, it’s always fun to hear them not just completely shit all over something (though, that’s usually funny too).

“Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

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