Fortnite Squads and the Perils of No Skins Explored in Gaming in Real Life Short

The Warp Zone dudes have created and released a new gaming in real life video today, and hardcore Fortnite players should appreciate its message and content.

The concept of the video is to explore the dynamics of a Fortnite squad when it is comprised of veteran players and a no-skin, which I learned is a player who either hasn’t played the game enough to unlock a skin, or hasn’t forked over real money yet to buy one. Anyone who has played a team-based multiplayer game knows what this situation can feel like in a game lobby or during a match. Hell, it’s the main reason I haven’t fired up Fortnite since it introduced it’s insanely popular Battle Royale mode! I don’t want to look and be seen playing like a noob, because I don’t want to hear some kid shit talking me.

Anyway, that’s the premise of this video, but it also has a good message, complete with a cheeky ending. The good message is that noob players should be given a chance from vets, which I do agree with, unless you suck for multiple games in a row. At that point, just quit and let the vets try to get a better player. Otherwise, do your best, don’t be an online asshole, and have fun playing the same gameplay loop over and over again.

Check out the skit above.


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