You can pretty much make anything into a collab with Fortnite at this point. There’s now a limited Jumpman event going on where, rather than running and gunning, you’ve gotta run, slide, grind, and collect more coins than anyone else!

So it’s basically like if you mashed together Sonic Adventure 2 and Fortnite, if that makes any sense at all. The skins that were shown in the very short trailer remind me a lot of Subway Surfers (do people still play that)?

I’m always excited when games like Fortnite come out with fun game modes like this. I don’t always wanna be shooting people 24/7, and the movement within Fortnite can be really fun to play around with. I think this mode will play to the strengths of how fluid the movement is within the game. I hope it sticks around in some form too, because it’s just a really fun idea!

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