Forza 6’s Night and Rain Modes Look Astonishing in 1080p 60fps

While at E3 2015 I met with the Forza 6 team for a hands-off demo of the game’s very impressive night and rain environments, which are rendered in 1080p with 60fps, and look absolutely “next-gen.” The team said they’ve been working on the game since the launch of the Xbox One, and it shows, especially with these new environments, which are firsts for the franchise.


The rainy race we saw looked like it was a pre-recorded event from the real world, and not a video game simulation, that’s how lifelike the rain effects look. It’s not just the rain beading off of the cars and their windshields either, it’s how the crappy weather affects racing conditions and the track that also change the way you must approach the race. Every puddle has its own physics, they’re essentially 3D simulations of real puddles and how they can cause hydroplaning to occur when traveling through them at high speeds.


The amount of calculations that take place when a car travels through a puddle is mind boggling, and one of the reasons why the developers felt adding rain was one of the most intense aspects of Forza 6’s design process. It’s insane to think that adding rain would be such a huge undertaking, especially on a modern console like the Xbox One, but after seeing Forza 6’s rain in action, I know fans of the franchise who’ve been wanting this feature will be more than pleased with how the effect turned out. Just be prepared to drive cautiously, because the rain in Forza 6 can take you from first to worst if you don’t navigate a puddle correctly.


The night mode is also new to the Forza franchise in Forza 6, and just like the rain, it was no easy feat to get night time races into the game while maintaining 1080p resolution with 60fps. While the night mode won’t affect the track in terms of conditions, it still completely changes the look of the track thanks to the impressive lighting effects that are being used to recreate stadium lights reflecting off of the track and cars, as well as the darker sections of a track where the car’s own lights can change the way the environment looks. The lighting itself was the most challenging aspect of incorporating the night mode according to the developers, and like the rain mode, it too is very impressive visually.


Fans of the Forza franchise should definitely be excited for Forza 6, which releases on September 15, 2015 for the Xbox One. It will ship with 26 locations, 450 cars, and feature 24 car multiplayer. There will be a new league multiplayer mode, showcases featuring predetermined events, and five volumes of races in the story mode. If you’ve been wanting to see how immaculate this game’s rain and night modes look make sure to pre-order your copy today to see the impressive effects for yourself. Trailers don’t do them justice, so make sure to see it live to realize how amazing these new effects are in Forza 6.

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