Forza Horizon 4 First Two Stunt Missions Gameplay Preview

We’ve been spending the past few days with Forza Horizon 4, and so far it’s been a blast, as well as a very pleasant looking experience. One of my personal favorite mission types so far have been the stunt missions, which task you with becoming a Hollywood stunt driver to pull off some killer action shots for whatever production you are hired for. So far the two chapters of the Stunt mission set I’ve played have been a blast, and they really allow you to do some crazy ass driving to further advance your influence in the game. Think of influence as XP, so as you earn more you will unlock new seasons with new chapters of the various mission types you’ve been working through.

I went ahead and recorded the first two chapters of the thirteen chapter long stunt mission that you’re given early in the game. Below is the initial chapter, which features you racing to a set in a very powerful sports car, but that’s only to set the stage for the stunt. The stunt itself involves racing a fighter jet as if you were a super spy, and then jumping it off a cliff through a windmill with a large opening in it. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about with these stunt missions, the scenarios are always insane and provide solid challenges with awesome visual payoffs.

The second chapter of the stunt missions can be viewed below. This chapter involves driving a badass old-school race car as fast as you possibly can on a very wet highway. Let’s just say that stability and traction make this stunt very interesting, especially considering you’re up against a timer to pull off the shot.

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Forza Horizon 4 hits September 28 if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. It will release in full on October 2 for all other editions.


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