Forza Motorsport 7 Initial Review Impressions: Racing Fans Should Be Excited

We were fortunate enough to get an early crack at Forza Motorsport 7, and while we only got access a day ago, I was able to put in some time to provide a first impressions piece on it. I went ahead and recorded a video for the game and laid my impressions over top of it, but I must warn you that the video is using Xbox One S GameDVR footage, so it isn’t nearly close to being an accurate visual portrayal of the game. This game looks absolutely stunning on the Xbox One S, and I can only imagine how much more crisp and vibrant it will look like on a Windows 10 PC, or the eventual free 4K console version for the One X. It’s easily one of the best looking games this year, if not in this entire generation of consoles.

You can check out all of my first impressions below. Note that they are just that — impressions — this doesn’t serve as our final review of the game. That will hopefully come sometime next week, so stay tuned! There is also a screenshot gallery that released today to view after the video’s script below.

Hey now Forza fans, Matt Heywood here to provide my first impressions of Forza Motorsport 7, which is soon releasing for early access buyers on the 29th.

I first want to mention that this footage was captured using the Xbox One’s built in game DVR, so the quality doesn’t nearly represent what the game looks like on the Xbox One S or Windows 10 PC. I apologize for the laziness, but we got the review copy at the last hour, so I went right into the game and didn’t bother with setting up the el gato to get a more crisp 1080p 60fps capture of the game.

My bad, but just know that this game looks absolutely stunning, and if you have the One S it’ll look even more vibrant and rich thanks to the HDR feature. I can only imagine what it looks like on a PC in 4k with 60fps, because on a console it looks damn near perfect. I can’t wait for the free 4K console version this November to try it out on the One X. I can only  imagine what the graphical bump will be.

Anyway, so Forza 7. It’s been a blast so far. I’ve made my way through the opening mandatory races, which put you behind the wheel of a variety of cars which includes a semi-truck, yes, semi-truck racing is just as beastly as you are probably  thinking.

I also started into the game’s Driver’s Cup mode, which is its main campaign, as well as the Free Play and Rivals mode.

So far I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played in the Driver’s Cup series, which features multiple tiers of championships to progress through, so you start out with slightly easier challenges while working your way up to the final full on Forza 7 Championship.

Free Play on the other hand lets you set all of the conditions for a race, and then it will populate it with the game’s Drivatar system with up to 23 other cars. This mode is great for practicing with new cars, as well as for earning credits to buy new cars or gear for your driver. That’s right, you get to deck out your driver with all sorts of different gear sets to fully personalize your experience.

In terms of the driving gameplay I’m a huge fan of all of the options provided. You really are able to create the best driving gameplay experience for your skill set, or for how you like to play. All of the driving assists can be toggled to provide either a true to life racing experience, or if you’re like me, a more dumbed down driving experience that allow you to focus on just racing and not all of the nuances of braking, drifting, grip, etc. Call me a wuss, but I love following the arrow guides and having my car somewhat auto-braked and assisted through turns. It just makes the game way more fun for me, because it allows me to compete with the AI, which can also be tuned to various skill levels and aggression.

At this point in my review I’m only a few hours in, so I can’t provide a final score, but I can tell you that if you enjoy racing games, or this franchise in particular, you should have no worries about how it looks and plays. Again, I’m embarrassed to only be showing you a watered down 720p version of the game in action, because in reality it looks absolutely gorgeous on the Xbox One S, and will surely look even better on a Windows 10 PC and shortly the Xbox One X thanks to the free 4K upgrade. Take this for what you want considering that this is only a first impression video, but this is a game, if you enjoy the genre that is, is one you shouldn’t skip out on in 2017.

Stay tuned for our full review, which will hit, and probably this YouTube channel, sometime next week.

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here for asking you to make yourself a better geek, one post at a time by checking us out on a daily basis.

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