Four Awesome Gunfights That Come Straight out of a Videogame

Wouldn’t it be cool if that videogame you had so much fun playing became a live action movie? Unfortunately, most of the time they suck. Luckily, it’s still possible to have the same fun and feel the same energy you would from a shoot ’em up game from watching certain movie scenes. Here’s four gunfight sequences that come straight out of a videogame, but don’t, because these are probably the same movies that game developers (and probably FreddieW) have on repeat whenever they’re suffering from writer’s block:

Hard Boiled: One Take

How cool would it be if somebody shot a live action sequence that resembled a third person shooter where the camera would simply follow the characters as they shot through hordes of bad guys? That’s what the guys at Corridor Digital thought when they made the “Mini-Boss.” While it’s a great video, somebody already beat them to that idea in 1992 before 3D third person shooters even existed.

Best Action Sequence Ever Filmed – HD


I don’t recall there being two Chinese policemen shooting through triad members in a hospital in Max Payne, but this sure feels more like what a live-action version of Max Payne should be than the actual Max Payne movie itself.

Rambo 4: Every Shootout

Mines with the power of a nuclear explosion, exploding crossbows, machine gun dismemberment, ragdoll effects, all courtesy of a man who looks like he’s had a consistent diet with steroids.

Rambo 4 – The Final Shootout – HD 1080p


No this isn’t a videogame, it’s Rambo 4. Sure it was supposed to be gritty and intense, but nobody said anything about realism. Unfortunately this scene doesn’t contain everything I just mentioned, you’ll have to watch the whole movie for that. But let’s face it, you wouldn’t mind spending your quarters for a game that consists of dismembering an entire army with an oversized machine gun.

The Killer: Church Finale

In spite of Cantonese being my first language, the following scene actually had convinced me for awhile that “reload” and “overkill” did not exist in the Chinese vocabulary.

The Killer – CLIMAX – John Woo – Ballistic Bloody Climactic Gun Fight


While the ragdoll concept didn’t show up in videogames until years after videogame developers realized that using the concept of limited ammo would make games more realistic, John Woo utilized the ragdoll effect with actual people long before he learned that guns ran out of ammo. John Woo also leaves little to imagination by making sure that everyone who dies receives either:

  • At least half a clip of ammunition (in slow motion)
  • Fall in a way that would put them in the hospital after they’re already dead
  • All of the above
  • All of the above AGAIN in a slow motion replay

Clearly it takes that many deaths from one person to let the audience know that he’s dead. No, this person isn’t an important character by any means, just some number on Chow Yun Fat’s triple digit killstreak. Speaking of killstreaks, that slow motion game winning KillCam that everyone seems to love posting on Youtube was probably inspired by those slow motion double takes found in about every John Woo movie.

The Rock: Shower Scene

The Rock-Shower Scene


If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last two years, it’s pretty certain why this scene made the list. Never mind that Modern Warfare 2 has a single player mission, and a spec ops mission based off of this scene. Infinity Ward probably figured from watching this that you can’t write a cohesive plot, the only way to get your players to care is by killing off all their NPC allies. After reading through the video’s comments, I learned that it was humanly possible to learn how to play Modern Warfare 2, log on the Internet and create your own Youtube account all without knowing that the year 2009 actually comes after 1996. If I got a dollar for every time someone from Infinity Ward watched this movie, I’d have enough money to end the recession myself.

This post was written by a guest author by the name of Hen Zee, who is also one of the creative forces behind the YouTube channel ProtohTypX. Hen also does martial arts consulting for other Youtube channels in the New York area.

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