Four New and Somewhat Spoilery Exclusive Avengers: Infinity War Funko Pops Revealed

Funko has unveiled four new exclusive Funko Pops from its Avengers: Infinity War line. These are all specific to four different retailers too, so you can’t just pick them up from one particular place.

The new Infinity War exclusive Funko Pops may even be a bit spoilerish, especially if you want to witness Infinity War as fresh as possible, so proceed with caution.

There will be a Stonekeeper Pop, who was revealed to be the Red Skull in the film. He will be available at the Funko Shop. There will also be an action pose Cap, who will be a Walmart exclusive. There will be an Iron Spider Pop, which will be a Target exclusive, and finally, there is a Hulk busting out of Hulkbuster Pop, which is already available at GameStop.

This Pop in particular may even be spoiling Avengers 4, because if you saw Infinity War, you know full well that the Hulk never came back out of Banner’s skin after he got his ass kicked by Thanos. He never breaks out of Hulkbuster, which I totally thought would happen based on trailers for the film. With that being said, I do think this moment may still happen in Avengers 4 thanks to a bit of time travel or time manipulation with the Time Stone.

You can check out the full gallery of new exclusive Infinity War Pops below.


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