Four Video Game Franchises That Should Make the Next-Gen Leap

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, you are well aware that the next generation of video game consoles is a few short weeks away. With both Sony and Microsoft’s newest offerings knocking at our doorsteps, it might just be the best time ever to be a video game fanatic. As the new generation of video gaming technology rolls in, so too do hundreds of new and amazing games. However, there are quite a few gems from generations past that deserve the chance to wow gamers on a shiny new console. The list below takes a look at some franchises that deserve a next-gen offering.

Harvest Moon:


In recent years, Natsume’s way-more-addictive-than-it-should-be farming games have been relegated to handheld releases, but given the opportunity, the Harvest Moon franchise could surely shine on the new consoles. The Harvest Moon games have always reeled gamers in with their unique charm and easy to master gameplay and previous console-based entries are often considered the best in the series. A next-generation paintjob, coupled with the new consoles’ powerful hardware would allow for the deepest, quirkiest, and most entertaining Harvest Moon game yet.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona:

persona (4)

Atlus’s spin-off turned flagship franchise, Persona, has long been considered by many RPG fans as one of the definitive titles in turn-based role-playing games. After the wild success of Persona 4, expectations for Atlus’ next offering in the series have never been higher. Rumors have flared about Persona 5 for quite some time, but no official word has been in regards to the games development. Beloved for their unique blend of traditional role-playing elements, demon fusing, and well-written characters, the Persona series could only benefit from a next-generation offering.



One of the biggest surprise hits of the current console generation, EA’s Skate and subsequent sequels did what many thought would be impossible – dethroned the venerable Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles as the reigning champion of electronic skateboarding. Thanks largely to Skate’s innovative control scheme that allowed players to really feel as though they controlled every flip, grind and slide of the their player’s board, the game quickly became a smash hit. The franchise has always been lauded for its huge cities, inspired by real world skate spots and large stable of skateboarding industry heavyweights. After the success of Skate 3, fans of the series were left chomping at the bits for another entry, what better time to bring skateboarding back to the gaming public than on a new console?

Silent Hill:


The rise, fall, and tremendous decline of the Silent Hill should serve as a sobering lesson to video game designers of what not to do when you have an amazing, terrifying franchise on your hands. What started as a no holds barred, psychological horror fest, devolved as the years rolled by and sequels were pumped out. Silent Hill 2 is considered by many to be not only the best horror game of all time, but also one of the best games ever created. Even with its spotty track record after the first few titles, the Silent Hill – and many other horror franchises for that matter – could have a lot to gain by seeing attention on the new consoles. A return to what made Silent Hill great, the palpable atmosphere, unspeakable horrors based on the very inner psyche of its characters, and bleak storytelling have the potential to be make for one of video game’s best underdog stories.

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