Video games are more popular now than they ever have before. With the increased interest surrounding the gaming world, dedicated video game fans have found themselves in the midst of what is shaping up to be another Golden Era of video gaming.

As such, more and more great titles are being developed with each passing month. Many of these games are teased, only to continue development and ultimately release a few months later. Some games, however, have garnered interest from gamers across the globe prior to their release, building near-palpable hype and excitement, only to be pushed out of the limelight for extended periods of time.

The games below are some of the titles that many gamers are very excited about, but have been decidedly quiet in recent months.

Let It Die:


Although Let It Die is a relative newcomer to the video game world, officially announced at this E3 2014, many astute video game fans will recall that the game originally started its life as the hyper-stylized Lily Bergamo from Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

During Sony’s E3 press conference, the gritty Let It Die was revealed in a dark, albeit interesting trailer featuring both seemingly turn-based combat and men fighting in their underwear. Shortly thereafter, it was made public that Lily Bergamo had been repurposed and was now Let It Die.

Even in its short reveal trailer, Grasshopper’s efforts on Let It Die piqued the interest of many PlayStation 4 owners. In the months following the game’s official reveal, Let It Die news has been scarce. Still billed for a 2015 release, we can only hope that Suda51 and his team unveil more details about the game as this year comes to a close.

The Witness:


Originally announced way back in 2009, Jonathan Blow (of Braid fame) and his development team Thekla, Inc. planned to release The Witness for PC and iOS devices, before ultimately opting for an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch as well. Since then, both Sony and Microsoft’s previous consoles have been dropped, as Blow felt both systems were incapable of delivering on his plans for the game.

Billed as an exploration game centered on unique puzzles and a mysterious island, The Witness is now set to be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4. From what has been seen of The Witness so far, it appears that the decision to shift development focus to current-gen hardware was a wise one, as the title looks absolutely stunning.

Aside from some early footage and images, little else regarding The Witness has been revealed. Blow, notorious for his dedication to ‘perfection’, is surely putting every effort forth to make The Witness the best possible game it can be, but a little in the way of updated would be appreciated.

Tom Clancy’s The Division:


Few modern video games have been met with such a massively warm reception like The Division received when a gameplay demo was showcased at E3 2013. The remarkable scope of Ubisoft’s vision, portraying a United States in which citizens are pit against a disease rapidly spreading and constant human threats.

In the original gameplay reveal, the gaming world marveled at the haunting portrayal of New York City, as well as the dynamic nature of The Division’s cooperative component. Using tablets and video game consoles alike, players were able to act as a real squad, securing locations and fighting hostile groups.

Since E3 2013, The Division has officially been delayed into 2015, which can largely be associated to Ubisoft’s powerful Snowdrop Engine. Since the announcement of the delay in May of this year, virtually all other news and information regarding The Division has been met with radio silence.

Mad Max:

Mad Max

Another title revealed at E3 2013, Avalanche Studios wowed the show’s audience with their work on Mad Max. Featuring a massive open-world wasteland, Mad Max would allow players to take on the role of the titular character, Max Rockatansky, as he hunts the wasteland for his signature vehicle.

Outside of the huge wasteland to explore, Mad Max is planned to feature a deep crafting system that will allow players to not only create new weapons, but also fully customize vehicles, giving them a ‘Wasteland Chic’ look. The game’s emphasis on high octane driving, vehicular combat, and brutal melee skills instantly made Mad Max a talking point, with fans of the films as well as newcomers eager to learn more about the title.

Following the announcement of Mad Max and some early trailers and images, Avalanche has said little else about the game, eventually delaying the title until 2015.


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