The X-Men continue to grind out quality movies, and with the rise of comic book adaptations on the small screen, perhaps it was only a matter of time before they had another crack at television. TV Insider confirms that Fox is indeed working on creating an X-Men live-action television show.

Naturally, the devil is in the details. The movie rights for the X-Men are owned by 20th Century Fox, a sister company to Fox entertainment. Apparently the legal mumbo jumbo requires Marvel to allow Fox entertainment to produce a live-action X-Men television show. Every other detail is still up in the air, as Fox is still working with Marvel to actually bring this to life. Fox entertainment chairman Gary Newman said they are “cautiously optimistic” about talks with Marvel.

TV Insider speculates that perhaps it could be based off of the X-Factor comic series. It’s also unclear as to where, if anywhere, this show would fit in the larger X-Men cinematic universe. This would be the third time that Fox has produced a television show based on the X-Men. The first was the popular animated series and the second was the Generation X TV pilot movie.

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via [TV Insider]

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