Fox is Re-Airing Every Episode of X-Files For Your Viewing Pleasure

To count down the days leading to the return of Mulder and Scully, Fox is re-airing one episode of X-Files every day between now and January 24th beginning yesterday.  That’s right fans, if you have severely mild binge-watching tendencies, an episode a day may be the speed for you (for those who prefer a faster pace, the entire series is available on Netflix). The trailer above is sure to excite fans, and even includes some new footage as the duo get back into the swing of things. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles along with Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner, and will be joined by newcomer Joel McHale.

X-Files originally aired in 1993, and over the course of its nine-season run turned from a cult sci-fi show into a global hit which earned sixteen Emmy awards.


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