Fractured Lands Hands-On Preview – Battle Royalocalypse

If there were every a type of universe that deserved to have a competent Battle Royale game, it’s the Mad Max-style apocalypse universe. Enter Fractured Lands, a brand new Battle Royale with some awesome features  that set it apart from the pack. Rather than starting the game up in the air  and sky diving into the map, everyone starts in a vehicle, facing in a different direction. At this point, you can choose what you want to do, you could drive away and start looking for weapons and car enhancements, or turn around and try to start killing people. I don’t think anyone did that while I was playing, but I know some of you are absolute animals, so by all means, try to tear some ass right off the bat.

A big part of this game is your vehicle, because everyone has one, and you can trick it out with enhancements you find throughout the map. There are plows, spiked wheels, armored wheels, armored doors, bladed doors, jump jets, and all kinds of things you can add onto it. The jump jet is my favorite part to get because it means if you flip your car, you can boost back onto your wheels which is vital. If someone flips your car and you can’t use it anymore, you’re really a sitting duck unless you can find a shady spot to snipe from (and a sniper rifle of course). However, just because you’re in a car, doesn’t make you invincible, even with armor plating, because you can still  get shot through the openings in the doors.

I found this out the hard way.

What I really liked about this game is that it feels a lot faster than a lot of Battle Royale games because everyone has a vehicle, which are fast and loud. You can hear someone driving toward you from a mile away, and you can either use that to hide from them or get the drop on them. Personally, I liked baiting people towards a building by parking my car outside and hiding in a nearby alley or dark corner and blasting them away when they got close. Any way you swing it, it’s got a handful of unique features that set it apart from the pack, and I’m hoping that it has a decent run when it fully releases. Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think of the game!

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