Freddie W. Shows us the Future of Motion Controlled Gaming

Ever since the introduction of the Wii motion controls have been all the rage with hardware manufacturers whether we as gamers want it or not.  That is no longer the debate, as motion controls are here to stay now that the Big 3 all have variations on it in one form or another.  Personally, I can appreciate the gimmick of motion controls and don’t let it burn my balls as bas as some other hardcore gamers, but at the same time I’d like to see it utilized in a way that makes me go, “Holy f*ck I can never play games with a controller again!”

Luckily, my man Freddie Wong has put out a new video that illustrates his take on what motion control gaming may look like in the future.  If reality is anything like Freddie’s short below, I’ll definitely strap on some hardware and walk around the streets shooting holographic bad guys with a Ghostbuster sized pack on my back.  I’ve got no problem looking like an a-hole as long as I’m having a blast while doing it.  Head on down below to see if Freddie’s vision on the future of motion controlled gaming is in line with your own.  You’ve always wanted a laser blaster…

Future Motion Control Gaming


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