Freddie Wong and Company Spoof the FPS Genre, Save President


Freddie Wong and his merry band of YouTube video creating masters are back to what they do best – making amazing and hilarious flicks.

Rocket Jump’s newest video, Mobile Squad, is both a visual treat and hilarious satire of mobile FPS games.

In the video, Freddie and company take on the role of the elite Mobile Squad, tasked with their most important missions yet: saving the President from a terrorist threat.

Things don’t exactly go as planned for the Mobile Squad, however, as some seriously finicky controls continually get in the way. In a matter of seconds, all hell breaks loose in a painfully funny way that anyone who has spent time trying to play a mobile shooter will surely remember.

Take a look at Mobile Squad in its entirety below, and be sure to head over to Rocket Jump’s official YouTube page for tons of equally amazing projects.

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