Freddie Wong Campaigns To Take Back PC Gaming From Sh*theads!

Freddie’s latest vid takes a serious look at the state of PC gaming, which is full of hackers and griefers, or more simply put, A-holes.  I’m not much of a PC gamer, but the same type of Tom Foolery happens in console gaming as well.  For some reason certain camps in the gaming population take more pride in f*cking with non-douchey gamers than they do in being a competent gamer themselves.  This is what Wong’s latest video plea is all about.  His crew, like most normal gamers, is tired of dealing with the scumbags of the world who find exploits in games to cheat.  You know, those gamers who find ways out of the map so they can shoot you unnoticed, or the ones who glitch a weapon to make it unstoppable.  If you hate these bozos as well please watch Freddie’s vid below.  You’ve been wishing that gamers like this would eat sh*t and die, or at least get really sick…

The Crying PC Gamer



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