Freddie Wong Lampoons the Fighting Game Genre in Latest Short


Freddie Wong’s latest VFX short deals with the fighting game genre found in video games. The video offers a look at what every fighting game fan deals with the first time they pick up a new game to play – learning all of the moves, combos, and special attacks.

These days it’s impossible to master a fighting game without studying each character’s moves list to memorize them for use in matches. Some of the button combos needed to execute these special moves are mind benders, and are usually very difficult to remember during the heat of a battle. Fighting games almost all come with an in-game moves list now that can be pulled up during a match with a quick press of the pause button, which doesn’t make for a very streamlined gameplay experience.

This conundrum is exhibited perfectly by Wong’s latest short below. Check it out to see what it’s like to play modern fighting games! You know you or one of your gaming buddies have experienced this before.

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