Freddie Wong Works With a Feline in Latest Shoot ‘Em Up Video

Freddie Wong and crew are anything but repetitive.  Sure most of their shorts deal with guns and dudes dying, but they’re all unique in a certain way.  Although, his latest video has to be one of the most unique of them all.  In Medal of Honor Cat Freddie and team feature an animal for the first time that I can recall, and this little fur ball isn’t your typical bunghole licking kitty cat.  Only in a video by Wong and his partner Brandon would you see a cat decked out in military fatigues manning a machine gun mounted on a Power Wheels Jeep!

Is that original enough for you?  I’ve always dreamed of having a cat that can wield heavy weapons with the grace of Rambo, but every time I try to glue a gun to my cat’s paws he doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.  You’d think I was trying to make him do something unnatural?  Anyway, to see a cat lay waste to some humans head on down past the break.  You’ve always wanted a Power Wheel, but your parents were too cheap to get you one…

Medal of Honor Cat


Making of Featurette


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