Freddie Wong’s One Shot Features Eliza Dushku and the Stuntmen of Action Factory

Everyone’s favorite Asian sensation has just released his latest video to feature some real deal Hollywood talent, and I’m not talking about Eliza Dushku!  Obviously, Eliza Dushku is a mega-babe, and quite the force in Tinseltown herself, but the real stars of ‘One Shot’ as in any action film, are the stunt guys.  Action Factory and Freddie Wong have now teamed up for 4 projects, and their talents have not been put to waste.

Action Factory Shows Jason Floyd the Proper Way to Smash Someone’s Skull In

The Action Factory team has taken Freddie’s already awesome visions and brought them to the next level with their World-class stable of stuntmen.  Just remember, without people who are willing to get the sh*t beat out of them in freakishly disturbing ways, our TV shows and Movies would be as interesting as watching a WNBA game (gun in mouth).  Plus, all of these big name actors would look like the regular people that they are, so make sure to give your local stuntman a high-five the next time you see him/her.

Before you do that though make sure to watch Freddie Wong’s newest vid, ‘One Shot’, which can be found below.  Make sure to tweet and FB Like this post if you dig dudes getting blasted with guns.  You’ve been needing some guys to get shot in the face and fall violently to the pavement…


One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku



One Shot Behind the Scenes



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