Alien: Isolation tells the story of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she tries to learn more about her Mother’s disappearance while aboard the Sevastopol Space Station that contains the flight recorder from the Nostromo, Ellen Ripley’s ship from Alien. The game perfectly recreates the thick tension and fear that was featured in Alien, which is one of the reasons why it’s being lauded as one of the best video games based on the sci-fi movie franchise of all-time. Amanda is just as badass as her mother, and quite resourceful as she proves many times over during her struggles on the compromised Sevastopol space station.

With that being said Ellen Ripley is still the toughest space-chick around, so Creative Assembly figured out a way to get her into Alien: Isolation for a little fan service. Players that pre-ordered Alien: Isolation were treated to two DLC packs, which for now are only available as pre-order bonuses, and feature content based on the Alien movie. In Alien: Isolation “Crew Expendable”, you can play as Ellen Ripley, Dallas, or Parker as you try to isolate the Alien on-board the Nostromo just like in Ridley Scott’s Film. The second bit of DLC is titled Alien: Isolation “Last Survivor”, which as you may have guessed from the title, focuses solely on Ellen Ripley and her final escape from the Xeno.

As a thank you to the Entertainment Buddha fan base we are giving away one code for each of these DLC experiences! By entering below you can win both the “Crew Expendable” and the “Last Survivor” DLC packs for the PS4. Since the codes are redeemed via PSN they are probably region locked to the US and Canada only. Feel free to enter below using the various methods that each unlock and entry. The winner will be announced via our social networks. Best of luck, and prepare to be terrified!

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