Every weekend I try my best to browse the iOS App Store via an awesome app called AppShopper, which conveniently lists popular free apps for download to your iDevice of choice.  Sometimes there’s nothing but crap to download, but other times AppShopper’s Popular app section can be loaded with high-quality games and apps for the lovely price of $0 (not guaranteed that these will remain free for long, so download them ASAP).  This past weekend happened to be one where the iOS App Store was loaded with some awesome free apps that definitely deserve a look see if you’re a serious app whore.  Please head on down below to read up on 3 high quality apps that will only enhance your iDevice of choice!  You’ve been needing an app for farting that also simulates poop fragments…


Trenches is a game by Thunder Game Works that emulates some of the better aspects RTS titles mixed in with a tower defense feel.  Essentially you are tasked with building forces to thwart the oncoming attacks of your enemies.  The game takes place during WWI (hence the name you dolt), and it uses some flashy cartoon animations to bring its mini-trench battles to life.  It’s very easy to pick up and play, and currently it is free!  You can download it here, or from your iDevice’s App Store app.  Check it out below.

Trenches on the iPhone

Trenches Gameplay (iPad version, not free, but same gameplay as iPhone/iPod Touch version)


Fart Studio

You’d think by now that I’d be above a farting app, but that’s not the case.  What can I say?  Like most males my sense of humor will always remain deeply rooted in d*ck and fart jokes, so this Fart Studio app by Conniption Entertainment is right up my alley.  This little gem of flatulence allows you to pick varying fart sounds that range from Meaty to 3AM Tacos, and take them to new levels with animations playing while you let them loose by pressing the fart pad.  If that isn’t fartastic enough for you this app also allows you to distort all of the fart sounds by swiping your finger around the fart pad to either make the sounds louder, rumblier, or squeakier in nature.  You can also change the animations of the sounds which range from gas cloud to poo chunks.  Who’s ready for lunch?  You can download it here, or from your iDevice’s App Store app.  Check it out below.

Mmm Farts

Fart Studio in Action


Dragon Shout

I’ve already written about this Skyrim Map app here, but it’s worth noting that it has finally been released.  I have setup my account, and will definitely be using it as I move forward in my quest to save Skyrim.  You can download it here, or from your iDevice’s App Store app.  Check it out below.

Mark your favorite destinations in Skyrim with Dragon Shout

Dragon Shout on the iPad


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