‘Fresh Guacamole’ Short is a Stop Motion Masterpiece

On a tip from a fan I checked out a short on Showtime’s Youtube channel called ‘Fresh Guacamole’, which is a stop motion project that is part of their Short Stories series.  I’ve always appreciated the art of stop motion filming, and it’s one of my favorite styles of cinematography.  The time and thought that goes into these types of projects is absolutely insane, so when you watch ‘Fresh Guacamole’ try to visualize all of the shots that PES had to setup.  It’s enough to melt your face off.  You should also try and identify the hidden meaning behind some of the items that appear on screen such as the dice.  You’ll see what I mean.  Check it out below!  You’ve been wondering where you can get edible hand grenades…

SHORT stories: “Fresh Guacamole” – PES

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