Frightening Trailers for ‘Lithium: Inmate 39’ Shows Eerie Premise

Lithium: Inmate 39 is a puzzle-based platformer entering into the horror genre, complete with a uniquely dreadful art style and a horrifying atmosphere.

You play a psychiatric patient attempting to understand what exactly is going on within his own mind. Discovery is the goal here, and it looks like it’ll be coming in many strange, macabre ways. Seven chapters present the story behind Lithium, containing over 200 ghastly puzzles for players to solve while avoiding death. Exploring the mind can be dangerous business.

Old medical records can be found to flesh out the narrative, further exacerbating the already grim, predominately black and white world. Small nuances of light and vaguely lit blood streaks continue the trend to make the story all the more intriguing. Out of the two playable characters, it’s hard to tell which one would be more comforting to control. From the looks of it, comfort and relaxation find no home here.

Lithium: Inmate 39 will release sometime in Q1 for PS4. If you want to venture deeper into the terror, watch the gameplay trailer below.

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