“From the Beginning of Time”

What the hell does that title mean?  Well for you Lost fans and the people that don’t watch Lost it is the English translation of last night’s episode – “Ab Aeterno”, which is the 9th episode in this final season.[slider title=”Note“]Seriously?  There really are people that don’t watch Lost?  It is in my opinion one of the, if not the most original show of all time.  I know it has been full of questions and tough to follow at times, but that is no reason to stop watching it.  For those of you that left a few seasons ago shame on you!  If your reason for leaving was because there were too many questions and not answers I’d like to say you’re a dummy.  Good things in life aren’t given to you you have to earn them through intelligence and deduction.  The same applies to Lost.[/slider]  Oh yeah it also happens to be the most answer filled, down to the bone, in your face episode of the series.

Of course all of this conjecture is my own opinion, but you’ll slowly come to find out that my opinion is usually right ; ).  I have been a Lost fan from the beginning and have stuck with it through the good times and the bad times.  Yet unlike most fans I tend to let the writers write and create versus get angry and go on message boards and complain that this episode sucked or the show has jumped the shark.  Even though I’d love to know what exactly is going on in the show I trust the writers to show me what I need to know when they want me to know it.  This is what makes the mysteries of Lost and there eventual revelations so mind blowing.

“Ab Aeterno” is the mother of all reasons why Lost and its writers should be trusted with the show and it’s content.  I will spare you any spoilers, but my goodness what an episode!  To me this episode is the definitive point where our cherished Lost will begin its exciting and action packed charge to the finish.  For those dimwits that always bitch about not getting answers to all of the questions posed in Lost this is your episode.  The same goes for people that have no creative thought in their heads and need things explained to them in detail[slider title=”.”]Yes I don’t have much tolerance for ignorant people, and most of this disgust comes from my own idiotic behavior of reading message boards, but some people and their comments burn my ass.  Why can’t you all be and think like me?????[/slider]

Just in case you haven’t watched Lost I’ll protect you from the next few lines, but for those of you that are watching Lost [slider title=”these lines”]”Ab Aeterno” sheds some serious light on the following mysteries that have been posed over the last 2 seasons: Jacob vs. MIB debate, Richard’s agelessness, Black Rock location, How the Tawaret statue got broken, and What exactly is the island’s purpose.  [/slider] won’t spoil the episode.  These major revelations will give any Lost fan some clarity that we have all been searching for.  I went through a gambit of emotions that included man-crying and convulsions due to complete body excitement over what I was watching.  I may have wet myself too, but I’ve been wearing the same sweat pants for the past 2 weeks, so the stains and damp areas all look alike.

What are you waiting for?  If you haven’t watched Lost at all get with the times and start catching up.  You can watch the next iteration of Law and CSI Crime Show Investigation Plot Summed Up in Each Episode Show next week when they create the San Francisco version.  For those of you that are fans and haven’t watched it yet shame on you!  This is the end of the series there are no excuses and “Life” getting in the way doesn’t count!  In all seriousness watch it ASAP you won’t be disappointed because it’s what you as a Lost fan have been waiting for.  Thank goodness for creative people.

You’ve been enlightened…


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