Frostkeep Studios Breaks Loose with Their First Game ‘Rend’

Frostkeep Studios, a new game studio formed by veteran World of Warcraft and League of Legends developers, has broken out of the woodwork. Frostkeep Studios was created by three developers who met fifteen years ago: Solomon Lee, Mat Milizia, and Jeremy Wood. Frostkeep has been recruiting for the last year, even snagging one of the composers from Overwatch, Neal Acree. This has all been leading up to the studio’s first game, Rend. 

Rend is trying to accomplish the creation of a fantasy game within an appropriate survival setting. You will align with one of three factions to combat enemy creatures and rivals to gain ascension. You’ll be dropped in a huge fantasy world filled with things to do–there’s a trailer above that shows you some cool footage from the game.

Rend will enter early access on Steam sometime this spring. If you enjoyed any of the games these devs worked on, I’d get in on the ground floor for Rend–which looks like a lot of fun, anyways. So, check out that trailer above! For more information on Frostkeep Studios and Rend check out their website here.


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