Full Line of Standard and Retailer Exclusive Rogue One Funko Pops Revealed

Yesterday we posted the first round of new Rogue One merchandise that was announced, and among them were a few Funko Pops styled after the film’s main cast, but now today the full line has been revealed alongside various retailer exclusives. There’s no way you’ll be able to pass these up if you’re a Funko Pop collector or a Star Wars fan, because they are some of the most detailed and styled Pops to ever be created.

The standard Rogue One Pops should be available at traditional Funko Pop retail outlets, and the retailer exclusives are from the usual US locations such as Walmart, Walgreens, GameStop, Hot Topic and Target. All Pops should be available later this month, or at least on Star Wars Day Take Two, which is September 30th. If we get pre-order details we will make sure to update this post, or create a new one. For now just head on down below to appreciate these awesome Rogue One Funko Pops.

Standard Line

jyn-erso-funko-pop cassianandor-funko-pop 10459_RogueOne_Director_Orson_Krennic_GLAM_HiRes K2S0-funko-pop
baze-malbus-funko-pop c2b5-rogue-one-funko-pop chirrut-imwe-funko-pop scariff-trooper-rogue-one-funko-pop shock-trooper-rogue-one-funko-pop vader-rogue-one-funko-pop

Retailer Exclusives









Hot Topic


There will also be a FYE exclusive Bistan Pop, but we don’t have a glamour shot yet. You can see him in the below gallery though.

Funko also unveiled a line of Rogue One Wobblers, which you can check out below.

jyn-wobbler andor-wobbler scariff-trooper-wobbler


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