Full Metroid Map Puts the NES Classic’s Game World into Perspective

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve never played a Metroid game from beginning to end, and this is due to the fact that the first one on the NES intimated me.  It’s sheer size and scope was mind boggling to my 6 year old brain at the time, so much so that I gave up on it after a few hours of wandering around aimlessly.  If only I could have had the map below, which features the entire NES Metroid game world in all of its platforming glory.

When you look at what the folks over at NES Maps have done for the Metroid map it doesn’t make the game feel so expansive after all.  In fact, it really puts things into perspective.  For its time the NES version of Metroid was ground breaking, but when you compare it to similar games from this era, its once perceived massive world doesn’t seem so large after all.  It just goes to show how far video game development has come over the past 25+ years.  In the same light you have to respect what Nintendo was able to do with the technology available to them back in the early 80’s.

You can check out the complete world of Metroid below, and if you want the super duper sized version please click on this link.  You’ve been thinking maps like this would have been a godsend back in your early gaming career…

This is Metroid!


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