Funko’s Wonder Woman Legion of Collectors Box Available Now

In this quick clip Funko shows off a wonderfully animated Wonder Woman Pop! vinyl running to her new DC Legion of Collectors box! It’s a monthly themed box with DC related items. The theme for May 2017 is Wonder Woman, which means you get your merch right before the anticipated movie drops on June 2nd.

With this box, it’s guaranteed that every item will be 100% exclusive, which will keep you from possibly getting doubles of something you already have. Each crate is valued at $50, but you only pay just $25 per month. The subscription is every other month, and there are two ways to subscribe: either you pay the $25 monthly, or you pay the whole year in full, costing you $150 upfront. It also includes an exclusive themed gift every year on the anniversary of your sign-up.

In all honesty $150 isn’t bad for six months worth of exclusive items if you’re a big DC fan. All of this awesomeness is available to be had right now by signing up here. If this piqued your interest, why not give it a go and try at least one month?

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