Game of Thrones’ Death Scenes Depicted In Artistic Posters

Death has never looked so good.

If you need a fix to hold you off until the return of Game of Thrones then look no further. Since the show’s beginning, GoT has gone on to become one of the most watched and talked about shows -especially when it comes to character deaths.

HBO is celebrating what the show is known for by doing a death-by-death countdown to the season four premiere on Sunday April 6. HBO has called it their “Beautiful Death” series. Super fan Robert Ball has created a series of posters depicting a death from each episode of GoT for the last three seasons. Each piece released also has a quote to go along with the scene. It serves as a reminder that no one is safe.

Down below you’ll find a sampling of the art pieces that feature first and second season deaths.






sea2 ep6

sea2 ep9


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