Game of Thrones Dubbed: ‘Medieval Land Fun-Time World’ Spoof

Medieval fun time land

Medieval fun time land

A new trend has taken off in the past 5 years that entails dubbing TV shows, Movies, and other video mediums with non-sensical verbage that completely changes the context of what the characters or personalities were saying. We first became hip to this style of parody thanks to the Day Job Orchestra troupe, but since then it’s gone mainstream and has been showcased in national TV commercials, as well as major broadcasts such as ESPN’s SportCenter.

In fact, there’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to just making videos that feature dubbed audio. The BadLipReading channel has perfected the art of the dub parody, and their latest spoof features HBO’s Game of Thrones. The dubbed footage from the show is made to seem like the citizens of Westeros are in a movie trailer for Medieval Land Fun-Time World, and the quotes that come out of their mouths are priceless, especially if you’re an avid fan of the TV series.

Head on down below to have a laugh on us. You’ll never think of Westeros the same again.



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