‘Game of Thrones’ Election Season is Upon Us

With 13 episodes left in HBO’s Game of Thrones, the soon-t0-be leader of the kingdom is out there somewhere. Perhaps they’re making their way across the narrow sea, or evaluating their options in Winterfell. Or perhaps the endgame’s ruler is already atop the Iron Throne with a wry smirk of contempt towards those around her.

While the ruler of Westeros is not determined by an Electoral College vote, HBO has put together a few quick videos teasing some potential candidates for the Iron Throne. Littlefinger spent the first five seasons quietly biding his time until making his intentions known in season six. Cercei has been gunning for power since we first met her, and Dany has finally set sail with her massive army to take back her family’s throne. Who would you vote for?

Watch the videos below, and check back for more GoT news.


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