Game of Thrones Medley Gets Performed in Chiptunes Format

It’s been quite sometime since Joe Jeremiah has put out a new “A-Bit” video, which feature him playing various pop culture songs with a chiptunes ovarhaul. If you’re unfamiliar with chiptunes, think 8-bit video game music, yeah those bleeps and bloops from the NES era of gaming.

Anyway, Joe’s latest chiptunes medley is for Game of Thrones, and in it he covers multiple tunes from the show that you’ll instantly recognize, even in their retro forms. It starts with the main theme, but moves on to cover Dany’s themes, the Lannister tune, the sad Stark tunes, and finally, a raucous mashup of them all.

The full list of tracks covered can be found below:

  • “Main Theme”
  • “Winds of Winter”
  • “The Reigns of Castamere”
  • “Light of the Seven”
  • “Goodbye Brother”

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