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Game of Thrones

The fifth season of Game of Thrones wrapped up last night, and boy was it a doozy. Cersei sobered out and confessed her transgressions, Dany and Drogon wind up in Dothraki territory, Tyrion becomes Grey Worm’s puppet master in Mereen, Myrcella and Jaime talk about incest, Stannis meets his match, Theon attempts redemption, Arya sticks someone with the pointy end, and Jon . While most of the season veered off drastically from the books, the finale had at least a few similar turns. But first…

What was Different

Jaime and Myrcella – As stated in previous posts, Jaime doesn’t go to Dorne in the books, so he never has the heart-to-heart with his daughter about true love and incest, and she never dies from poisonous lipstick.

Daenerys – Dany’s last image in the books is her riding…Drogon off into the sunset as Mereen goes crazy, and she doesn’t end up encircled by numerous amounts of Dothraki. That being said…

Game of Thrones

Tyrion – The smart-mouthed dwarf has yet to meet Dany, and doesn’t have a tribunal meeting with Jorah, Daario, and Grey Worm, where Tyrion turns into the de facto leader of Mereen with Grey Worm as his puppet.

Sansa and Theon – In the books, Ramsay Bolton marries a faux-Arya Stark and jumps from the castle into snow with her, not Sansa. After they take a leap of faith, they’re taken in by Stannis’ army who began a siege against the Boltons in Winterfell. That being said…

Game of Thrones

Stannis – In the books at this point, Stannis is still alive (along with his family) as he tries to take over Winterfell while not being killed by Brienne. That being said…

Brienne – Her and Pod are still roaming about the countryside looking for various Stark children, and not at Winterfell because Sansa is still in the Vale in the books.

Sam and Gilly – the two – along with Mance’s baby that was switched out for Gilly’s baby – do head to Oldtown, but not solely for Sam to become a Maester. The book sends them and Maester Aemon to Oldtown to protect Mance’s baby, who Melisandre tries to kill because she loves royal blood so much.

Game of Thrones

Arya – The youngest Stark girl is blinded much earlier in the show, and not because she killed someone she wasn’t supposed to, but because she accepted milk that was meant for “Arya” when she was supposed to be “just a girl”. She doesn’t get her first assassination assignment until after her blind endeavor, which does happen to be the gambling man seen in the show. She never sees or kills Meryn Trant in A Dance with Dragons.

What was Similar

Cersei – The walk of shame for the Queen Regent played out just like the books, albeit with a few added elements for shock value. Cersei’s constant attention toward the Red Keep is what kept her going as she was paraded around in her birthday suit for all to see.

Jon – The shivving of the Lord Commander was just as shocking on television as it was in the books, though the books didn’t use Jon’s Uncle Benjen as bait to get him surrounded by his brothers. Olly isn’t involved in the books, though the book and show both end with the uncertainty of Jon’s condition. Those of you wondering where Ghost was in his owner’s time of peril, the book has Ghost locked up in a cage by the brothers of the night’s watch.


That’ll do it for season 5, but be sure to check back as more information regarding season 6 as news is announced. After all, it’s only a short 9 months away…


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