Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Remade in Skyrim

YouTuber Darth Kenobi has recreated the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones in Skyrim using the Game of Thrones Adaptation mod created by Kualan on Nexus Mods.

Overall it’s a pretty commendable attempt to recreate one of the most infamous scenes in TV and book history using a video game. There’s a bit less blood at first, but the ooze begins to increase as the video goes on. For more details on how it was created you can check out Darth Kenobi’s notes below. Make sure to relive the Red Wedding in Skyrim by checking out the video above.

About Red Wedding in Skyrim

The location for the fort where I made this is Starfall. Better known in the vanilla game as Fort Neugrad near Falkreath Hold. The author of this brilliant mod is planning to add this area into the Version 5 of the mod, of course with Lord Walder in it. Since I did not have that old fucker, I had to use Ser Hosteen Frey to be the one hosting the wedding.

King Robb Stark (P.O.W) – Dovahkiin
Edmure Tully (P.O.W) – Not on scene
Ser Hosteen Frey† – Legate Taurinus Duilis
Lord Roose Bolton† – Brunwulf Free-Winter
Lady Catelyn Stark† – Sorli the Builder
Lord Rickard Karstark† – Arrald Frozen-Frozen Heart
Several other Riverland and Northern soldiers† – Stormcloaks
Frey guards – Morthal guards

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