‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Preview

The hit HBO series Game Of Thrones has become the latest and greatest series, and HBO is continuing to bring hype to the season 3 filming releasing photos and leaked footage of on-set behind the scenes footage. Game of Thrones will shoot in four different countries for Season Three: Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, and Morocco. This HBO series gives the most realistic feel to the scenery and scenes making this upcoming season, season 3, one of the most anticipated of any of the previous. Northern Ireland which has served as the primary setting, with its centuries old castles and epic landscapes proves to once again be the highlight, but we will also see the new filming areas such as Iceland for the beyond the Wall storyline of Jon Snow.

Season 3 of Game Of Thrones is currently filming, with the writers raving, and the already anxious fans anticipating the season premiere in March, although still a little ways off. So why are we already gearing up for the Game Of Thrones Season 3 series premiere? Well, let’s begin by taking a look at George R.R. Martin’s third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, titled “A Storm of Swords”. The first half of this book is considered to be an action packed, no-holds-barred, basically very crazy part of the series. This is why the third season is so widely anticipated by those followers of the series and the fans of the books.

Martin himself will actually be writing the seventh episode (out of ten total in season three) himself which will be called ‘Autumn Storms’. While still working on finishing the series, Martin is taking a break from the books to write for the series. Videos are available that give us a look into the amazing third season and an understanding of how in-depth HBO is willing to venture into this fantasy world to provide all of us fans with the most realistic appearing characters, roles, and scenes.

I, for one, am anticipating this to be the best season of Game Of Thrones yet! I feel that although season two did get into the storyline, tell an amazing story with twists and turns and Emmy Nominations to boost its already stellar reputation, I still feel it was truly more character development and only the introduction to an action-packed third and fourth season. The first two seasons, which truly sets the stage for the greatest of the seasons, Season 3, to unleash the raw power and excitement that Martin always wanted the books to portray.

Mark your calendars for the season premiere on March 31, 2013 which was announced at Comic-Con back in July. Along with the date for the season premiere 13 additional cast members were announced that will take part in Game Of Thrones season 3, one of which is Diana Rigg who will play Lady Oleanna Tyrell, better known as the Queen of Thorns.


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