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Game of Thrones: The Last of the Starks, returned to the old fast forward method of storytelling first featured in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, which is a shame, because more than a few major moments went down, but they felt a bit hollow due to how quickly they were delivered.

It just feels like the show is a bit lost as it makes its way to the finale, which is just two episodes away now. The lore feels watered down a bit, and not as strong as it is used to be, so to me, the shortened seasons have ultimately done the show a disservice, as well as the fact that Martin’s involvement has lessened since the show’s narrative overtook his own.

You can scan through my recap and top moment choices below. The recap will be a bit shorter because my hand may be broken, so typing is a bit odd. I wish I just yelled “Dracarys!” instead of punching a wall.


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The episode begins with a final goodbye to the heroes who lost their lives in the Battle of Winterfell, who all got cremated in a massive ceremony held in front of the castle. Jon said some Jon things and then everyone moved on to the victory feast.

The victory feats took up a large part of the first half of this episode, so it did offer up some key story moments such as Dany making Gendry a Lord so he could take over the Baratheon family’s claims. Meanwhile, Dany is seen getting a bit jealous, as well as feeling very lonely, as Jon is showered with praise for his leadership in battle. She clearly isn’t a fan of Jon being the one the people love, which pops up a bit later in the episode when the two talk.

The feast also features a fun drinking game with Jaime, Tyrion, and Brienne, which ultimately leads to her first intimate contact with Jaime after Tyrion asked her a question about sex during the game. Sansa also checked in with the Hound and reminded him she wouldn’t be who she is now without the pain she went through.

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While everyone is feasting, Arya is outside practicing her archery skills. Gendry uses the opportunity to propose to her now that he’s a Lord. She appreciates the offer, but reminds him that she’s never meant to be a Lady, so she turns him down in preparation to getting back to her list of names.

Thanks to Tyrion’s sex question for Brienne during the drinking game, her and Jaime end up in her room and they hook up! It’s a pretty great moment, but one that doesn’t last, but more on that later.

We finally get a moment with Jon and Dany alone again, which hasn’t happened since he told her the big news. She’s still not a fan of what he told her, and neither is he, so he promises to only tell Sansa and Arya, but she demands his silence. Dany is definitely starting to crack a bit over the throne, and this exchange foreshadows what may happen between these two thanks to her desire to rule.

Now that everyone had time to breathe after the Night King battle, they get back to planning to take out Cersei. Jon proposes a siege, but Sansa wants to wait to allow the Northmen to rest, which pisses off Dany. Jon, who is essentially her Darth Vader now, bows to her demands and commits the Northern forces to her fight even though Sansa disagrees.

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The Stark girls, Bran, and Jon head to the Godswood where they continue to argue over Dany. Neither of the girls trust her, but Arya understands why Jon wants to help her because of how she helped them. Jon eventually has Bran tell the girls his secret, so the cat is being let out of the bag at this point.

While the Stark girls just had their minds blown, the Lannister brothers get confronted by Bronn, who was sent to assassinate them. After letting the bros knows he’s serious by punching Tyrion, he deals with them to get Highgarden if the good guys win, so he leaves and begs the bros not to die so they can pay their debts to him.

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If you couldn’t tell at this point, the episode is on FF, so major moments start taking place left and right. Arya leaves Winterfell to head south and joins the Hound before the bulk of the forces leave. Tyrion and Sansa have a tense talk about Dany, and she ultimately ends up telling him Jon’s secret knowing he can’t keep it secret himself.

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Tormund tells Jon that he’s going back north to the Wall with the free folk, and Jon gives him Ghost without even petting him goodbye! Sam and Gilly tell Jon they’re expecting during their final goodbyes to him. And while all this is going on in Winterfell, Tyrion is telling Varys the truth about Jon as they sail to Dragonstone, so a lot happens in the matter of minutes.

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The fast forwarding of the plot isn’t over yet, because the next major scene features Dany and her forces being ambushed by Euron, a literal God of the sea at this point, who not only kills her dragon Rhaegal, but also destroys most of her fleet while taking Missendei as a prisoner. At this point, Dany has lost nearly all of her closest supporters and two dragons, so her headspace is becoming quite poisoned.

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The episode then heads south to finally check in on Cersei again, who hasn’t been seen since episode 1. She tells Euron she’s pregnant with his baby, while also revealing that she’s having peasants stay in the castle walls as human shields, so Cersei is still the most evil person left playing the game.

Varys and Tyrion plead with Dany to not burn King’s Landing to a crisp, and while she desperately wants to, she listens to Tyrion again, and tells him she will try to parlay with Cersei before going to war.

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Tyrion and Varys riff on the whole Jon thing again, and Varys makes it clear that he’s for Team Jon. He believes Jon is better for the realm, and that Dany is showcasing a bit of Targaryan madness that they shouldn’t tempt fate with. Tyrion sticks up for her for the time being, but it sounds like Varys may have plans to take her out.

The episode returns to the North, where we see Jaime get compelled once again to be with his sister Cersei. Even though he allowed himself to be with Brienne and seemingly be happy with her in the North, he can’t quit the drug that is his sister, so he leaves Winterfell for King’s Landing. I still think he will ultimately kill Cersei, but he seems driven to be by her side yet again.

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The episode ends with a parlay at King’s Landing in which Cersei goads Dany into going full on Mad Queen by killing Missendei in front of her.

Oh it’s going to be on!

Top Moments

  • Having Sansa place a Stark pin on Theon before he was burnt up was a nice touch and completed his Stark redemption
  • Lord Gendry, who knew a bastard could reach so high
  • Tormund throughout the feast scenes in general provided great lines like his thoughts on vomiting from drinking
  • Dany’s realization in the hall that Jon is getting all the hero accolades leads her to looking lonelier than ever, while also tipping her disappoint to Varys who was watching her reactions closely
  • Gendry’s proposal
  • Jaime and Brienne sexy time
  • Dany commands Jon to never tell, effectively making him her Darth Vader
  • The Stark girls learning about Jon’s identity
  • Bronn’s new deal
  • Sansa tells Tyrion the secret
  • Jon’s goodbyes to Tormund and Sam and NOT Ghost
  • Rhaegal killed
  • Cersei new baby or same baby or still a fake baby
  • Vary’s pledge to essentially prop Jon up as the rightful heir
  • Jaime leaves the North for his Cersei crack
  • Missendei killed by the Mountain

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