Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5 Recap And Top Moments

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Mad Queen anyone? Massive SPOILERS for Game of Thrones: The Bells to follow below.

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones didn’t disappoint with its high-octane approach to the Battle of King’s Landing, which saw Dany complete her heel turn and fully embrace her Targaryan madness as she nuked all of King’s Landing from atop Drogon. Although, like most episodes over these final two seasons, when the dust settled on “The Bells”, one couldn’t help but feel a bit shortchanged on some of the major plot threads that got tied up hastily en route to putting the show to bed for good. Everything just felt convenient, and moments that many of us thought would be epic, ended up feeling cheap (Jaime and Cersei’s deaths in particular).

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The episode definitely entertained, but I can’t help but feel as if the show has suffered greatly from the lack of a Martin roadmap these past few seasons, and at this point I know for a fact that the books, if finished, will make the show’s ending seem cheap and overly rushed.

Anyway, my right hand is broke, and I’ve already typed way more than I planned, so the recap is going to be rather light this week and not as in depth.


We’re treated to Vary’s betrayal and subsequent execution by Drogon early on in the episode. Dany also confirms that Jon betrayed her, and no longer lusts for her, so she fully embraces her fear factor and commits to her family’s madness in full. Tyrion tries to plea with her to let up once the bells of surrender toll, but it’s pretty clear Dany will not heed his advice. She also informs Tyrion that they’ve captured Jaime heading back to Cersei, which sets up another betrayal by one of her advisers.

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Eventually the battle of King’s Landing is set. Jon and the army have made it to King’s Landing and are waiting to attack. Meanwhile Tyrion frees Jaime to allow him to save Cersei so Jaime can ring the surrender bells, which is curious, but most things are in abbreviated GoT land.

The Hound and Arya, as well as Jaime are all trying to get into King’s Landing. The former both get in, but Jaime doesn’t.

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The Golden Company joins the fray and they look imposing, but then Dany arrives, and shit gets freaking nuts. Before a charge even takes place on the field, she destroys the Iron fleet, wipes out all Lannister defenses, and kills the entire Golden company. The battle is over before it even started.

Just as it seems as if Dany has won in as peaceful a manner as possible when using a dragon in battle, she snaps fully and decides to nuke all of King’s Landing by killing anyone in her path. It was horrific to behold, and fully confirmed her switch to the Dark Side.

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From here the episode descends into chaos and madness. Jaime and Euron fight with the golden boy besting Euron, but not after taking mortal wounds. The Hound and Arya have a touching goodbye for murderers, and then he goes on to fight in the Clegane Bowl, which was cool, but kind unnecessary considering how the episode was playing out. Oh, the Bowl ends with the two bros falling to their deaths, but not before the Mountain kills Qyburn for getting in his way.

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Jaime eventually finds Cersei, only to die with her in the crypts by having the ceiling fall down on them. Very odd and boring way for two major characters to go out by the way.

The episode ends with Arya witnessing and surving the Mad Queen’s attack on innocents. Somehow a pale white horse also lived, and the two symbolically ride off together.

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Top Moments

  • Varys seals his fate with a way TOO early talk with Jon, why wouldn’t he wait to let Jon see Dany’s plunge himself?
  • The whole betrayal revelation between Dany and Tyrion early on really revealed how fragile she has become and did make you feel for her a bit.
  • Vary’s executed, but more importantly was Jon’s look while it was going down. He knows shit is fucked up but can’t help himself.
  • Jon’s reveal that he no longer loves Dany is the final straw for her and allows her to fully embrace her madness.
  • The whole scene between Tyrion and Jaime could be the best of this season. Real heart and emotions finally were captured.
  • Dany’s initial attack on the Iron Fleet and the walls of King’s Landing was amazing to behold. Where was this show of power before?
  • The Lannister surrender and bell ringing hinted all may go as planned, so I loved how it bolstered Dany’s horrific turn.
  • Dany’s snap, enough said, she went as HAM as a Mad Queen could go.
  • Jon’s reaction to said snap, dude was shellshocked beyond belief.
  • Jaime kills Euron.
  • Hound and Arya goodbye. Sandor!
  • Clegane bowl, but seriously, the Mountain was more invincible than the Night King!
  • Jaime and Cersei die together, in a very lame fashion though.
  • Arya and the Pale White Horse symbolism, plus did Bran send the horse?

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