Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6 Top Moments

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Game of Thrones’ watch has ended, and the game has played out. The winner was unexpected, just like the fan backlash to the show’s rushed final season, but in the end most of the plot threads were wrapped up as cleanly as possible.

The series finale was very anticlimactic, but I do believe it wrapped things up in a somewhat coherent fashion. It’s not like it could fix the sped along plot of these past two seasons, but it did at least make sense of the game we watched play out over eight seasons of TV.

Rather than doing a full recap this week, I’m going to just add more meat to the top moments, which is due to my hand being in a cast.

Yeah, typing is a chose, so here we go!

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Top Moments Recap

  • Jon stops Greyworm’s execution, which further showcases his disgust with what Dany did, as well as how mad she’s gone, but at this point he’s still loyal to the Queen, so thanks to Davos he moves on.
  • Tyrion gets a final goodbye with his bro and sister, which seemed unnecessary for his character considering what was going on around him, but it was a nice moment for the character.
  • Dany gives her evil dictator speech that only she, the unsullied, and the Dothraki think is uplifting, everyone else essentially hears the rants of a murderous zealot, but her arrival was a visual spectacle.
  • Arya warns Jon not to be stupid Jon, but Jon can’t help but be stupid, so he commits to talking to Dany thinking he can get through. Arya knows he knows nothing.
  • Jon and Tyrion’s talk was fantastic mostly because it showed Jon trying to convince himself Dany is good even though he knows she isn’t with Tyrion doing his best to show him how dumb he is for doing so.
  • Dany’s throne room moment was pretty fantastic considering it was her goal since Season 1, and the fact that she never sat on the throne makes it an even more poignant moment.
  • Jon kills his Queen and lover for the sake of the realm in a very poetic fashion. He gave her a good death.
  • Drogon’s reaction to Dany’s death probably offered up the most emotions for me, and I loved that he melted the ultimate thing that led to the death of his Mother. Him sparing Jon also goes to show the respect he has for the Stark-Targaryan.
  • The whole Dragonpit parlay seemed overly convenient, but it did yield the biggest surprise of the season, and that’s the fact that Bran became King of the Six Kingdoms, thanks to Sansa being defiant and demanding the North stay free. Tyrion did make some great points, even if the scene felt too easy.
  • Jon being sentenced to the Night’s Watch is another standout moment, because it takes the character full circle and ultimately leaves him with nothing, even though he’s probably the reason everyone in Westeros is still alive. It gave Jon a poetic arc, and essentially kept him as a nobody, even though he proved to be one of Westeros’ greatest heroes of all-time. A dumb one, but a genuine hero.
  • The Stark children plus Jon goodbye was a nice moment, if anything for the fact that it let us know how each kid’s tale ends. It also reminded us of how bad Jon got screwed in the deal to save the world.
  • Brienne updating Jaime’s record in the Book of Heroes or whatever it is was a nice touch and more closure on the character and their unique relationship.
  • We get the true meaning of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which is the title of the wars that took place after Robert’s Rebellion, and not some deeper meaning that involves mysticism and magic.
  • The new Small Council scene was great for showing who it is comprised of: Davos, Bronn, Sam, and Brienne; as well as the tone of the meeting being helmed by Tyrion.
  • The Stark Kid super cut was just a fun way of showing Sansa, Arya, and Jon moving on from their adventures.
  • Jon finally recognizes Ghost upon his arrival at the Wall! They leave happily together.
  • The Queen in the North is crowned, and quite frankly she looks evil as hell.

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